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Brother Adolf Jed SmockSo good ol’ Acacia brother, Will Gust and I watched a little bit of the notorious Brother Jed today. He started out saying that he approved of abortion. Anyone that knows of Brother Jed would be shocked to hear this… but then again, shock is something he provides nearly everyday to the University of Missouri, Columbia campus.

I have noticed that so much of what Bro Jed preaches about can be brought back to Adolf Hitler. They have the same arm gestures, believe in religious persecution. “All Muslims are going to hell,” Smock shouted, claiming Allah is a false god. To justify his words about Muslims, Bro Jed said that God gave him the right to preach about this. Maybe it is just me but does that sound like “I was sent here to purify the world of Jews, the pollution of our Earth”? I sure think so, of course I would because this is my blog and I can believe whatever I want just as long as I think it is believable.The First Hitler

Brother Jed just plain freaks my shit out. He is hilarious but at the same time that you are thinking that what he is saying is crazy… you realize that he takes it seriously. Mad theorists are only dangerous when they are brought together. Brother Jed has a huge following… enough that he brings in six digits a year, as per Bro Jed. He has said that he is not in favor of John Kerry for president for several reasons, but one of them was a tax on large financial gifts. That is what makes him scary.

These financial gifts are, according to Brother Jed, those exceeding $25,000. Someone is actually giving 25 grand to this man and that equates to an army of crazy Brother Jed followers. I would not think it outrageous to say that all of these donors and followers are likely stout Republicans. Damn those scary Republicans!

2 thoughts on “Brother Jed Smock

  1. You’re having difficulty with Bro Jed because you have difficulty with TRUTH and REALITY. It’s time for you, the reader, to surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and clear your conscience of all sin and guilt. Jesus Christ is a REALITY of history and will return again to judge the earth and you WILL stand before Him and give an account. It’s time to settle things with your maker, friend.

    Mitch Metzger

  2. Hi fellow: Jed smock is a voice for the blacklisted, abused. victims of fowl play and crime. Given the terrible things that happen to people, and con artists that exploit to get what they seek, at any cost, jed smock is a needed voice for the damned. A modern day Clarence Darrow of sorts with a bible in hand. He does not ascribe to group think and in the words of Freud knows to love and work. Ever the patient teacher, his pasion helps so many clinging to dreams and lost hopes.

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