Bruised, Used, Abused

I tolerate your music, you hate mine, you put your cd’s on in my car and turn it up really loud.

I like to eat sensibly, you like to eat fast food, we eat fast food

I love going to see movies, you don’t, so I have not seen a movie since… On a date since…

You want it, you get it, especially with me. I just can’t do this much more. It has gotten to the point that you just assume I will drive, you assume I will pay for, you assume too much. But being the person I am, I go along with all of this. I pay for things I should’nt, I drive you places I should’nt.

You are never wrong, I am never right and my opinion seems to mean nothing. You pout when you want something or something does not go your way.

When was the last time you went out of your way to do something kind for me?

When I ask what you are doing, you forget to tell me 90% of what you are doing, I walk into something I am not prepared for and am expected to go along with it.

I am made to feel guilty whenever I need to leave your house to get sleep, take medicine, do work, etc.

You say you love me but never do anything to show it. You don’t even greet me anymore.

I just feel totally taken advantage of, I have once again let someone else get the best of me and I am left with the worst of me, tired, sad and alone.

There is another person inside of me just waiting to pounce. I did’nt back then and he is’nt right now, but you wait. Not once more, you have strucken out. If you truly feel for me how you weakly pronounce in moments more and more plagued by great distance, you will make this work.

You hate talking on the phone, thus we don’t talk on the phone. What happens when you are 60 miles away?

I want this to work, I really like you, otherwise I would not be upset enough to write this all out. In the beginning, nary a moment went by that you were’nt in my thoughts and for that I was ecstatic.

Well, this is one of those posts that you have to take rage, pain and depression into account. Hopefully things will work out. meanwhile, what?

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