Cake and a Movie

So, I’ve mentioned it a few times here and have even posted pictures of the cakes here but, now officially, a post just about Cake and a Movie.

I started Cake and a Movie Night during Winter Break… I was bored and had all these ingredients so there we go, baked a cake.  Then made the call, invited a bunch of friends over and we watched a movie.

Now it has grown through Twitter and the hashtag, #CaaM.  Each week I have about 20 or so people over, we drink wine, watch a movie and eat cake.

So, I built a site to keep up with it!

Cake and a Movie

Check it out!  My friends Karen (@ok2bapincess) and Josh (@brooding_soul) help with the site by writing wine and movie reviews. I post all the recipes I use/create along with photos of the cake and the process.

You can even vote on which movie we watch!

Anyways, just wanted to put the info out there, the site is up and running and growing every week. Thanks for checking it out!

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2 thoughts on “Cake and a Movie

  1. Help! Your site won’t refresh after this post. I subscribed to your RSS feed and am getting posts in my reader, but every time I come to the site, I am stuck on this page.

    Sorry to bug you in comments, but I don’t see your email anywhere.

    Capricorn Cringes last blog post…WTF?

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