California T-Minus Two/Three Days

I am anxious as ever to get out of Columbia. I witnessed last night two of the key reasons I am moving away, plus a few I had not even fully realized. I just can’t stay here any longer. I plan to pack up my storage unit today, go to my doctor appointment Tuesday and after that, leave.

I will have a lot of driving ahead of me, days and days of driving. I go from Columbia to Tulsa, Tulsa to Houston, Houston to Rockport and back to finally head with David from Houston to Forestville California. 3,232 miles

Next post, drum roll, my soundtrack to California.

2 thoughts on “California T-Minus Two/Three Days

  1. Ah, California. Two questions! 🙂

    a. When will you be in TX?
    b. When will you be in CA?

    I’m going back to Houston on the 12th and heading out to San Francisco the 19th.

    Driving west to forge it alone? Sounds like the stuff of dreams to me – beautiful, wonderful dreams.

  2. Back into Houstono on the 12th and into California the 19-22nd. Wow, that is crazy our timing, yet again!

    I cannot wait to see you. My cousin is joining me for a while up there, going to explore the red wood forests and the river and head to the beach to surf. It will be amazing. Getting away from Geoff is going to be so healthy for me.

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