Can I Get that in a B-flat?

I have chosen my two songs for my “big” recital in December. What songs, I know you are foaming at the mouth to know. Of course, you read my post from earlier and already know what I am singing.

Either way, you might not have had the pleasure of hearing these songs before, and now, I give them to you.

First, my fun, fast and latin-jazz song, Save the Last Dance for Me.

The next song was made popular from Shrek, it is Hallelujah.

Funny thing, side note here, I am unable to add embed/object tags into the HTML window and have them stick when posting using the visual editor of the new/beta WordPress. I must turn it off to do so. That is surely a bug, something that they will fix later, soon rather I hope.

Never mind that. What do you think of these songs? I sang them for the first time with only a piano and apparently impressed the voice teacher I went to. She did not understand how I could sing so low and then sing so high and hold notes for so long. I think people must have really, painfully, horribly low expectations of my singing, or I am the best singer EVER… oh shit, yeah, probably the prior. Oh well, I know I have improved vastly from where I was when I first started the class with Carol.

I am going to try and get a recording of my singing of these songs and put them on the good ol’ blog. It could be the biggest mistake, putting my singing online, but not the first time it has happened. Watch the video, listen carefully. That’s me singing, I did’nt realize my digital camera recorded sound while recording video. Oops!

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