Can We Still Be Friend?

So today had its ups and down, as most any day does. I went to class, w00t, sucked being back in school haha. When I got home I started a load of laundry, fun fun right? Then down stairs and outside to hang out with Meghan and Seema. They were basking in the glorious sunshine. I posed the question of what there was to eat sparking an impromptu bar-b-que.

Jim, Jenny and Patrick joined us after a while and the fun really picked up after that. I love those people haha. They had all been talking to Brother Jed, apparently having a grand ol’ time because I got two phone calls to join them. It did not work out for me though, I was too busy grilling and getting some DVD burned for my grandmother, dealing with a dying cellphone and preparing for a 5:00 meeting that I never even went to.

It was such a beautiful day that we all decided it would be so silly to go inside just because we had eaten our grilled goods… So we went to the refrigerator and grilled just about everything we had that was grillable, and then some! The day was amazing.

It was really fun. It started out with a burger and then two more and then a veggie burger and then veggie-chicken nuggets (yes, nuggets)… then potatoes and some shrimp with two chicken breasts and then some braughtwursts followed by some more hamburgers and then a half chicken and artichokes… A total of like 4-5 hours of grilling, it was a blast.

However, the mood was busted when I got a message that my brother was back in the hospital. He has a blood virus that is making him really sick, really really sick. I then showered up and went off to my fraternity meeting.

Geoff showed up a few mins late with his new Gucci sandals and a darling t-shirt. I personally would not have spent as much for the sandals (they remind me of the sandals Jesus wore hehe) but to each his own. One thing that I do know is that Geoffrey is actively working to not be my friend. I express a want to have coffee or hang out and he will only brush it off as a possibilility in the future, nothing ever in the now… He will not even commit to a day or week. I have offered it to him, any time I am not in class and he won’t give me the time of day. I love this guy, he ignores me constantly. He told me he wants to be friends, I am making the steps, I am always optimistic around him, I am always trying to be the friend and he brushes it off. Why? He will not even share pictures from Chicago with me or really share anything. He won’t even give me back all of my things still, he keeps putting it off.

I have a knot in my stomach typing all of this because I doubt that it will help our situation but maybe if he reads it, he will make a move to be my friend? Love you Geoff, please make a step to jump start our friendship because all my moves, a cd, phone calls, emails, attempts to talk to you… they all fail.

Back to the positive…

So the night ended with a date with Matt. We started out at the Artisan, as usual. I bumped into a few friends there, Leslie, Dylan and Travis. They all looked fantastic, the norm for them, we chatted about life, liberty and the pursuit of equality… haha. It was great, we finished off the talk by looking at doggies in sweaters online… LMAO. Matt and I then headed off to get some dinner. Once we got to the restaurant we both realized/admitted that we were not really hungry.

We went to the Berg, bumped into a few friends of mine and sat down to eat food we did not really want. Turns out the waitress did not charge me for anything, she wrote out that my meal was free! What is that about? haha, she was fantastic hehe. We were at the Berg for a LONG time, then we walked around town and finally headed to his car to talk and drive around. It was 2:00 am before I got out of his car and into mine. Another great evening with Matt.

Dave gets back into town SOMETIME today. I was going to pick him up in KC but I have a doctor appointment at 4:00 so I can’t do that, sadly. I can’t wait to see him back here haha, he rocks. Hmmm… yeah, so…

Britany and I talked for 1.5 hours last night, I think we got off the phone around 4:00 am. It was a really fun conversation. It was also the first time that Britany and I ever had a long phone conversation.

Anywho, woke up feeling my life empty, hopefully I can fill it up again today as I did yesterday.

Love to you all – you especially!

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