Can’t Escape Him

I have just come to the realization that I will not be able to escape Seth, at least not while living in northern California. Everywhere I go, so there seems to be a friend of Seth’s. I am at Aroma’s right now (surprises of surprises) and there are four people in three different groups that I know through Seth. Some didn’t even know we had broken up!

That was rough haha, they think that bringing up the topic would have a really painful reaction but… it doesn’t. Nothing against Seth, I really liked him, I still feel the same about him, despite the history. Unconditional love is love when love isn’t returned, I have that for Geoff, for Seth, for a few people who quite obviously fail to show their love for me, if they even have it.

Geoff will not say he loves me, not even as a friend, though he used to say it to so many people, does that mean that he has no love for me? No, I do not think that is the case, rather, he is afraid of how I would read his words…


The other week, I went to Aroma’s and drove past this guy… he was unconcious when I arrived, I had my phone ready to call for help… then I poked him with my foot and he started throwing up! LoL! He wouldn’t respond to my calls so I finished dialing for help, they walked me through checking on him as far as I would go (not very since he was so scary looking). He eventually said he was OK and I gave up on him. Some drunk drifter…


One thought on “Can’t Escape Him

  1. I know how you feel snookums… Not necessarily to that extent, but ever since cory brought up my ex, it seems like i’ve been seeing him everywhere. Not his friends, but him. Go figure, he goes to school next door to the jc, but y’know… I’m NEVER dating younger again! LoL. What you said about Geoff makes sense. Holding back so it doesn’t prolong your love for him. Sometimes I question people’s logic.

    It’s been really wonderful talking with you, and I’m excited about our little tripdoodle. I’ll see you later and I love your rose picture.

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