So I was phoned last week telling me that I would be taking a test Mrach 10, today. They did not, however, tell me when the test would be. I did not take my medicine last night so I never fell asleep. Instead I studied and tried to clean up my life a bit.

The same day I was phoned about the date, I was told I was scheduled by the teaching assistant to take the exam that day, it was a Wednesday I received the phone call, last week. I emailed the TA and told her I was taking the test at the office of disability services and she said, “Cool, I can go home early!”

So I call at 8:00 this morning to see what time I was supposed to take my exam. I am told by Nichole that I am scheduled for 5:30 PM. After a few moments of talking to her she then says, “Oh! Actually, that is for another Justin S. but not you.”

To them there must only be twenty-six Justin’s, Sarah’s, Ashely’s, James’… Why only use the last initial when you chart the tests?! So what do I do now? I got no sleep, my own fault, to study for a test that I cannot take until tomorrow at 2:00 when I have class.


In other, but similar, news; I am getting out of my French class. I will likely audit it for the rest of the semester. There just is no way to catch up in that class, as my professor promised me after missing only one week of the class with pneumonia.

It will be nice to have an extra 5-10 hours open each week. I need more time to get myself together.

So I don’t exactly enjoy the fact that Geoff is asking his boyfriend to our fraternity event… Who am I going to ask? I do not know if Matt would go, not exactly his crowd and all. I just don’t know. I wanted to be his date, but that is quite obvious. Why do I love him so?

I think Landon and I have worked out the problems we were having. Neither of us really knows what the problems were… oh well!

Am I excessively gay? I was told that I was becoming so and I just don’t see it. Nothing about me has changed except that I am more outgoing. I am also a “really classey host”, contrary to what some people (or person) has recently expressed to me.

I do wish I had a better job. Two of my friends just got jobs at law firms and I must say I am quite jealous. I am going to start my summer job look-out. I can start back with Caroline and Company… maybe they can hook me up again. They are really nice people.

Well, I gotta go. Love you all, so much of it to so many but most to just a few and especially to a single one.

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