Capital A-Mazing Weekend

Let me think for a moment about this weekend…

Saturday I woke up around 10:00, of course I did not fall asleep till quite late in the morning.

I showered, dressed and headed to the Artisan for brunch with Landon. I had received something from Acacia that morning and it put me into this anxious mood. I took my panic medicine and eventually made it out of the house. It is getting more and more difficult to leave my house, especially alone. With someone I am pretty much OK, however, without my panic medicine or a friend, I just cannot make it through the door.

Brunch was really nice. We talked about my move to California and how it would affect our relationship and whether or not I would ever come back. I hope to come back but honestly… if California works how I plan it to, I don’t see myself coming back, at least not for a good while. But let us not focus on that. I am moving back on to topic.

Landon told me all about his birthday in St. Louis which sounds like it was quite the escapade. Lots of great stories from a single night. I am glad that he was able to have a nice birthday… I sure hope I can eventually have one. I wonder how it will be for me this year, away in a different part of the country for my birthday, it could be such a wonderful thing. I am excited.

Anywho, Landon and I were realling getting into our different stories since we last saw each other and I kind of lost track of time. I was supposed to pick up Dave at 12:15 and it was 12:20 already. We wrapped things up in the way only Landon and I can, and I headed out to University place

I left brunch to pick up Dave and bring him to Wal-Mart to get Libby’s apartment application filled out… then to his new place to give teh documents to his hopefully future landlord. Then back to my apartment where I showered and what have you. PIcked up Jim and then Dave and headed to Kansas City to be in a recording of Wheel of Fortune at the convention center.

Ryan was going to already be there and we planned to meet up with him for an early dinner and then head out to the show. We were making really good time to Kansas City until we met up with this FedEx truck…

We saw all of these packages lining the road, lots of them. I wondered what pricess things had been lost, Dave and Jim wondered if it was Christmas a little early haha. It was so random and different. I had never seen such a sight. I almost ran over a bicycle seat… they really should have concerned themselves with cleaning up the road more than putting up yellow cones to the left side of the road… Oh well.

The rest of the drive was clean and simple, no more problems on the road and no confusions. We listened to music, sang together and had a funtastic time. The weather was really fantastic as we drove to meet Ryan at this really interesting plaza of sorts on the north side of Kansas City.

We walked into the Italian restaurant, over the speakers was playing Charlotte Church’s version of The Flower Duet. Picturesque, competely perfect moment. Everything was perfect and everyone was happy and that included me haha. So that is saying a lot. Sad! 🙂

Simple interjection that I really love to post pictures, I think people actually only look at the pictures so that is fun haha.

Into downtown we go and what a beautiful evening it was. I was impressed with the downtown’s tulips, so I took a picture… Good story right? So look at the tulips, pretty….

They made me throw away my batteries so I could’nt take any pictures, that made me pretty mad because they were my Enegizer e^2 Lithiums, the only ones I have ever purchased haha. I am a battery dork ya know… We got into the stadium, slightly disappointed. First off, did I just call it a stadium? What is this? American Gladiator? Everything was a bit smaller than we had expected. Pat Sajak and Vanna White were just wonderful haha. And the game is intoxicating, I kept catching myself becoming a little too interested in the puzzles and when they bought vowels and did other stupid things. Grass and Brass was it? (probably not, Dave or Jim remember I am sure.

The ride home was crazy, we got quite lost but actually made it home on time. We played some awesome car-ride games, never played those before really… It was a complete blast.

Then to Joel’s birthday party.

Libby danced while Jon and his boyfriend Taylor were playing the annoyingly cute couple. If I only had their looks… I would be dangerous haha.

I left Joel’s, dropped Dave and Brittany off at UPlace, headed to my place for the small party there. I had a good time there, really small party, more of a gathering of fun friends and not a Brothel Party.

I left that party to pick up Kevin and hang out a bit. We ended up driving around middle Missouri for four or so hours. It was a complete blast. We drove through the city, we drove into the country. The talk we had was so incredible It went on and on, obviously, but never even close to redundant, boring.

I have always looked to Kevin for the more meaningful moments of my Columbia life, at least as far as circumstances, setting, goes. He never fails at making my breath escape me.

In the dead of the night, under a blanket of stars, and infront of the largest tree in Missouri, we obsorbed. I began to tear up. Kevin, that night, showed me why we are alive. The world was mine, nothing was going to ruin this moment, it was complete heaven.

And then something ruined the moment. A car full of supposed-fraternity brothers pulled up, circled us, parked next to us, drove around us again… freaked us out. So we jumped into my car and jetted out of there.

I did get a really shitty picture of the tree though.

Got home, Jenny and Jim were in my bed so Kevin and I took Jenny’s bed and talked for about two more hours. We finally fell asleep around the time everyone else was about to get up.

And that was Saturday with a hint of Sunday.

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