Catching up on a few things

I was thinking today about how much I have to catch people up on. Even though my life isn’t super exciting or anything, I often put out these quick short stories and get so distracted that I never follow up on them. So here we go.

  • My parents live in Saudi Arabia, I visit them about twice a year and I love it there. I am hoping to go back out there in October for a month, it isn’t so hot that time of the year.
  • My apartment that has mold still isn’t habitable so Ryan and I are continuing to live in hotels/vacation rentals. Supposedly it will be done by August but it’s already been April, May, June and July so we’re not holding our breath.
  • My family’s house in wine country, the one with the squatter, is on it’s way into recovery. After around $30,000 in damages, we have contractors lined up and the whole place should be totally remodeled and beautiful again by my birthday, August 2.
  • I started the 4-Hour Body diet, aka Slow Carb Diet nearly two weeks ago. So far I’m down fifteen pounds. I have thirty-five yet left to go until I’m where I want to be. This is a hugely daunting road ahead but I just keep reminding myself that I’m already 1/3 the way there.
  • San Francisco Pride was awesome.
    View from Jason's BBQ at Pride

    View from Jason's BBQ at Pride

    It was my first SF Pride as a resident of the city but certainly not my first SF Pride. I stupidly started my #4HB diet the week of pride so I didn’t partake in too much of the drinking and eating that happens at Pride but I still managed to have a great time. Thanks to Jason for hosting the BBQ at his place. What a stunning view we had!

  • My photography might be featured in Time magazine. That is still up in the air. The editor said he loved the photos “thanks, these look great!” and then I heard nothing else. So maybe they will be, maybe not. Either way super cool that someone saw my photos and liked them enough to consider them for such a venerable magazine.
  • I got to spend a wonderful week with one of my best friends, Sam,
    My Friend Sam

    Sam as seen through his Graflex 4x5

    in Seattle with Ryan for his birthday. Sam was just an amazing host and I cannot thank him enough for his hospitality.  I’m hoping Ryan and I can return the favor when he comes out to San Francisco to visit at the end of the summer.
    Also he is an amazing photographer and just a genuinely awesome guy.

  • My mom is flying from Saudi Arabia to visit me for two weeks here in San Francisco. I’m super excited about that though I do wish my dad was able to make it out here too.
  • No, I don’t actually have an iPhone 5.
  • In nine days I fly out to Austin, the drive for a meeting in San Antonio with a potential client and then I fly to Orlando to meet with a client and a potential client. After that I go to a conference in Orlando then I’m free for a couple of days with my other two besties, Corey and Alexandra who are kindly hosting me. After that, on the 19th, I fly back to San Francisco and check on the renovations.
  • I’m quitting Tumblr. I love Tumblr but there really is no reason for me to divide my audience up between two blogs. Plus I’d rather get the pageviews here where I can actually monetize a little if I chose to. So you’ll soon see more regular posts here, just click the Tumblog button on the top left of the menu bar.

Ok, so I think that covers it. Is there anything I missed? Lemme know in the comments!

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