Skyward on the Golden Gate


Rarely do you get to look straight up through the pylons in the middle of any bridge. This is especially true for the Golden Gate Bridge here in San Francisco. Between the rushing traffic and hundreds of tourists, it isn’t a good idea.

Looking up to the sky from the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Peering through the fog from the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

I lucked out the other day while driving from Wine Country with friends. We luckily got stuck in traffic for a few minutes giving me just enough time to shoot this through the sunroof.

This was perhaps the first time I felt the magic that is the Golden Gate Bridge.

Eastbound and Down

May 29th I will be taking flight to the East Coast with a singular purpose, to see you New Yorkers. This jaunt will be followed by a trip down to visit my friends in Washington DC before heading back west June 6. It’s a short trip but I plan to fill it with oceans of fun.

New York City Skyline

I would love to see you all my New York City friends and my Washington DC friends on this trip. I think the easiest way for us to do that is to choose a night to all meet up for dinner, drinks and debauchery. There are only a couple of nights in New York City that this can happen but I will also be free during the day for coffees, lunches, museums, etc.

Take a look at that schedule and let me know when you’re free to hang out. Feel free to suggest things I should do, places I should eat and bars where I should have a drink. As far as New York City, I still have never seen a Broadway show, gasp, and have only been to a couple of museums. So if either of those whet your appetite, let’s make it happen! Looking forward to seeing you guys.

Washington DC and the White House

As far as my time in Washington DC, well I have a lot more of it. So let’s get creative about the time we share together in The District. I’m even tempted to add on a night in Philadelphia but with the tight schedule I have, that might not be possible.

Some New Work on the Horizon

I haven’t really posted much photography work here in the last long while. Heck, I haven’t really been posting here with anything lately. Life has just gotten that busy I guess. I’ve taken hundreds, maybe even thousands, of photos in the last few weeks for work and for fun. It’s about time I start sharing them with you

Big Ass Fans

This one is actually one from a work shoot I just came from. These fans run at incredibly slow speeds. However, because they have such a massive blade span, they move some serious air, keeping a giant warehouse at a stable cool temperature. Also they are called Big Ass Fans, a name has never been more appropriate.

Tokyo in Beautiful Slow Motion

I’m a total sucker for videos like this. Using some sort of high speed video camera, Alex Lee shot more or less ordinary shots of Tokyo. Then, he slowed down the playback from high speed to a standard 24 or 30 frames per second. Some of these cameras can shoot over a million frames per second! The recently release RED Epic camera shoots at 120fps.

Most people think that to shoot a video like that, you shoot in slow motion but you actually do the opposite. It’s part of why people are so intrigued with what they are seeing. You hear “I shot this bullet at 30,000fps,” and you think you’re going to see a speeding bullet. Well you are, only you’re going to see it at 1/1000th the speed it actually traveled. Super cool.

The video is beautiful and yet really simple. The mixing of the different video speeds with the music is spot on. I am not sure what I think about the video effects just yet, whether they add or subtract from the already good video. If you wanted to know what GenArts Sapphire Edge can do, those effects above could easily be accomplished with that plugin.

Geology Porn – Rocks of the Marin Headlands

My trip to the Marin Headlands with Ryan brought me back to my final semesters at the University of Missouri and my introductory Geology course, aka “Rocks for Jocks.” A class that was about exciting at the time as a box of… rocks.

Geological features of Hawk Hill

Walking around the Headlands, you cannot help but be drawn to the geological features of the landscape. Now I wish I had paid closer attention to those 7:00 A.M. Geology labs. Perhaps if I had, I might actually, fully understand what was going on here. Either way, it’s beautiful. Oh and we may or may not have found a few of these brittle rocks in our pockets before leaving the area…

I would sure love for my geology nerds to give me some insight here. I have some theories including sedimentary rocks + shifting plates = awesome twisted rocks. Wonder how long this transformation took.

Put your thoughts in the comments! More pretty rock pictures after the break. Continue reading

Epic Time Lapse Video of Manhattan in Spring

At this point you probably know that I am a sucker for a well-made time lapse video. The last one I posted to my blog has been viewed through StumbleUpon over 4,800 13,000+ times. Visitors to my site viewed it over 10,000 17,000 times in a single month!

So hats off to my cousin, photographer and Mizzou student, Ben Walton, who tweeted this today.

I recently spent a little over a month hotel hopping in Manhattan (March 12th to April 29th) shooting time lapse. These clips were pulled from over an hours worth of footage.

Prints available for purchase here.

And so now I’m kicking myself. I lived in hotels in San Francisco for 5 months and this concept never even popped into my head. Marketing hotels by taking shots of their beautiful interiors, yes. Taking advantage of their mind-blowing views as time lapse video? No.

This is genius and beautiful. I suppose it isn’t too late to do it here in San Francisco. Would be interesting the compare the landscape and cityscapes captured from these two coastal cities. So similar and yet so different.

Check out Mindrelic for more awesomeness.

Westside Road Barn

Over the last few weeks, two of which I lived out in Healdsburg, I passed this particular barn probably half a dozen times. Each and every time I passed it I thought to myself, “Wow, that barn is pretty, I should take a photograph of it.”

Unfortunately, I suffer from the photographer’s version of acute-onset hipsterosis. That is to say that I fear photographing things that other people would also photograph.

Luckily (?) I broke down, but the bullet and flicked the shutter. I present to you the barn that begs to be photographed.

Westside Road Barn

I mean, come on. How could you not photograph that? It’s distressed, it has a rusty red roof, it’s in a beautiful grape vineyard with the remnants of a late morning storm breaking apart in the skies above.

It’s overwhelmingly kitsch, but I like it.