Ce Week-end avec mon grand mère

So this weekend was pretty busy. After Mark’s birthday party, after ICCA’s… I met with my grandmother in St. Louis; actually, she met me at the competition and got to watch it.

That night we played like we used to, care free and lots of fun. We ordered room service at midnight and ate like kings. She had us a really sweet suite at the Renaissance Grand in downtown St. Louis. I miss having those times with her, just the two of us.

The next day we went to the Central West End and drove around Forest Park and the Richmond Heights area picking out places I might one day live. She really likes St. Louis and the Richmond Heights area. We looked at some lofts; you can get a lot for a little out there.

Then we went to The Hill and had dinner. Maybe people in St. Louis have really bland pallets or maybe they just have low expectations… Bottom line, the food wasn’t nearly as great as they all claimed it would be. Whatev’ the company was great and there were some really cute waiters…

That night we went to the mall after exploring the city through the rain. I got a few new outfits from Express and she went to MAC and Clarin’s for a big ol’ selection of makeup. I’m jealous!

Well, I should get off of this couch and do something, right?

Catch you guys later!

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