Chat with “Nate”

So does this make me evil or fabulous?  BTW, kinda TMI, NSFW

Nate: lol quick question, friends doing mutual masturbation to porn, does that count as something you wouldn’t do outside of a relationship?
Nate: haha just curious, not suggesting
Nate: well not really
Justin: nope
Justin: I’m a one man kinda guy
Justin: i’m a prude i tell ya
Justin: haha
Nate: wait you answered nope, which would mean that WOULD be something you’d do
Nate: so there! I’m holding you to it!
Nate: haha
Nate: ah its fun being an adult child sometimes
Justin: hey, close this window real quick and re-open it ok?
Justin: gonna check something
Nate: what did you wanna check?
Justin: did ya do it?
Nate: yep
Justin: oh, ok then
Justin: too bad you didn’t print the screen, now you have no proof hahahahha
Nate: omg you’re evil!

So, I’m evil.  I love it, so does Mike haha.

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