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Not sure if you have/can noticed but lately all of my posts have been in the “My Life” category. This is for good reason, and one reason, alone.

This blog is about my freaking life, so get used to it or go away hehe.

So last night I made up my mind that I was not going to be able to go Chicago. I was sad, but oh well, shit happens. Then during math class today I got the guts to kinda stick up for myself and I confronted the teacher about his absence policy. He agreed that I could miss class on Friday. Now I can go with all my friends to Chicago!

My tickets were $88 instead of $35, which means it cost me $53 more to go than them… grrr. If I had just bought them ahead of time, if I was unable to go I would have only lost $35 instead of $53. Life sucks like that.

Still waiting for my parents to send me my allowance for this month and last month and for my phone bill which they say they will pay for… That is about $400 that they owe me, on top of a few other things… Would be REALLY nice to have money for Chicago, but I am not going to touch savings and such for shopping in Chicago. It will be a cheap trip if anything.

Geoffrey with be there with me, so when the girls are doing there thing, we can do ours. Whatever that might be.

Thursday night, tomorrow night, Geoff, I and Kevin are going to have a threesome… right haha. Either way we are going to have a fun time that night just hanging out, playing music, all that jazz. It will be an awesome start to a hopefully awesome Spring Break.

My brother turned 21 a few days ago. Getting alcohol just got that much easier for him. That is about all that will change in his life, oh and his tickets from the years before will be wiped away, something like that.

I saw Jim last night. Wow, it was just… I have not seen him or heard from him in a month, or more. It was really hard on me, probably a big part of my depression as of late. He is so cute, so nice, so wonderful. Maybe I broke up with him pre-maturely. But I did break up with him and that is all I can say. We will probably never be together again, at least not romantically. I would love to have him as a friend.

Geoff is so great. I can’t form the words in my head to express the feelings in my heart. He just amazes me everyday. He is growing so much, and I don’t mean in height. When you think he has closed a door on his life, he opens a window. I only wish I could be as cute, funny, attractive and intelligent as Geoff. Many might say I am way cuter, funnier and just as intelligent with a wit that rivals those of writers of Sports Night (huge compliment if anyone ever wants to make that part true haha). But not many people are naturally as attractive as Geoff. He is the full package.

Why I am typing all of that? Who knows.

What else? I want to go see the Triplets of Belleville and The Dreamers at RagTag tomorrow and the latter the week after Spring Break.

So what else? I have thirty minutes before my next class and I am just realizing that the reason I went to the computer lab was to check to see if my lab was due today haha. Damn, it is due. Well I will have to do it once I get back to my room, after class and just turn it in to her office. It is an easy lab to do anyways, we typed blood.

Margaret Cho is very funny� just FYI

Well what else can I say? I guess nothing really. I am going to post this and maybe something will pop into my mind.

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