Chicago Time

Ok, so next time I go to Chicago, definitely leaving out Andrew… He became pretty much a huge asshole as soon as he met Dave. It was obvious that he liked dave and yeah, it sure made things annoying. He constantly poked fun at me, belittled me constantly and just was a bitch. Made me pay for his dinner, bossed me around and all sorts of other bullshit things.

He told me I could park on this street, said it was fine… well he was way wrong. I was towed and it cost me a total of $210 to get it out of the auto pound and to pay off the ticket.

Enough with the negative, there is much more, perhaps I will write it later… haha.

We did have a great time, despite the towing, the ticketing and the “for real real” annoying “precious” things Andrew threw at us over and over. I am at Katie’s right now, she rocks my world, watching ABC7 News. The reporters remind me of those in Houston. They actually dress up in fashionable clothing instead of just a plain suit. The reporter right now is wearing a dark blue and grey thick-pin-stripe suit jacket with a white and purple oxford underneath and a really royal tie. He looks great!

Here are some pictures from the past day or so… Completely random haha. Oh oh! I bought another digital camera. It was a $200+ camera that I got for $50 and it rocks my socks off. It is only 3.2 megapixel but it is small and fun. These pictures were taken with it.

This is a really great hotel, Sofitel, amazing architecture in Chicago, both modern and historic

This is the Holy Church Cathedral in down town. It was so beautiful inside and out. I sat there a while for their evening service.

This was just one of our stops as we rode the train to Katie’s the other night.

This is a statue just outside of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Art Museum.

I had a blast at the art museum. Most of the artwork there was new to me though I did see a few of my favorites. I am such a sucker for Picaso though…

Well, I am going to get the rest of my stuff packed up and then Dave and I shall head outta here. I love this city but cannot wait to get back to Columbia so I can see a few people 🙂

Miss you all.

Be well!

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