Christmas Tree

Ha ha… Our Christmas tree looks just so pitiful this year. I think my parents just threw things together because it looks almost sick! The decorations are I guess just whatever they could find in the boxes because most of them are our home made ones Patrick and I made when we were little kids. Oh well, it is still our tree and here I show it to you. Please, don’t laugh! Though I admit I laugh hahahahaha.

Our house is equally pitiful. But you know what? At least we put some decorations up. My dad and I normally do it and it looks quite prestigious but this year it looks like we got halfway into it and went on a lunch break, never to finish the job. Actually, that is what happened. My dad was working on it and some guests arrived so he had to leave it.

You know we have the smallest house in the neighborhood? That is so fabulous. Really!

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