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Currently: Mariah Carey – #1’s – Hero

So I met up with Joseph after hooking up with the girls. Melissa and Jeanie joined me at Starbucks where we proceeded to be our typical clutzy selves and I had a White Chocolate Mocha, which I swear was spiked…

Joseph and I had a decent time. We drove around a bit and had fabulous conversation, as we always seem to share.

I am having trouble getting on AIM and I think it is all the fault of this T-Mobile Hotspot program. It has messed up a few things on my computer, as much as I love the program. It sure has some serious falts.

I got an email from a friend tonight and I don’t know how to interpret it. I feel it is kind of random but very serious so I want to take it as seriously as it was written, but I am quite honestly lost.

Linda Ronstadt is an amazing singer… I have written this yet before? I think I have.

Currently: Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville – Cry Like A Rainstorm – Howl Like The Wind – Still Within The Sound Of My Voice

This is the song I always play when I am wanting love again. I play it because I am hoping that love is still within my reach, give me a sign!

Currently: Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville – Cry Like A Rainstorm – Howl Like The Wind – Don`t Know Much

This is the song I was hoping would help revive Geoff and I. I must admit, it was a stupid thing to think that we could revive something when only one of us wanted it. I am not knocking Geoff at all, but it would just not work if he did not really want me, he wanted someone else and something else, he changed quite a bit but you know what? That is ok. I would rather him be happy and not dating me than dating me and unhappy. Makes me really sad to think I did not make him happy enough but maybe I will be worthy of someone else, some day.

Anyways, I need to get some clothes packed and all that jazz. Much love to all. Night!


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