Classic Justin

Yesterday was a mess mess mess! As messy as my room, maybe messier!

Woke up really late, but that was ok. I woke up alone and that was sad. I missed having Jim and Dave with me. We could have a one bedroom apartment with a king sized bed, or queen maybe haha, and just be the happiest trio around. I would love to do an experiment like that… sounds like a reality television show! I am surprised that we don’t just call them RTS’s, we are so into abbrev. things.

My hair is really dark, mes cheveux sont tres fonces. I guess that is ok though. I will stick out in California.

So, woke up and headed to Trent’s (why do I think my day was so messy? Ignore that please). That is a lie actually, he came over here and we started working on the network. We were going to bridge our wireless networks together. It worked but not as we had hoped it would and now my router is completely blown. Luckily I have my warranty and receipt so I will be getting a new one today.

That extravaganza took most of the day away. I was supposed to bake/get a cake for Kevin/Jon/Colin’s party and get in contact with Chris about coming down to Columbia and get my haircut and go to a few parties and… Yeah, at 10:00 I finally just bought a cake, had it decorated by Meghan, threw on clothes and ran out the door to pickup Dave and Brittany.

The party was just fabulous. Before we get to the party though, I forgot something.

Jenny and Ashley came to my room to help me get ready, clean it up a bit and pick out some clothes for the night.

Patrick had come over, he was talking about how happy I was, he had forgotten to bring me the clothes he borrowed, he first asked for alcohol and then he calls me a bitch when I tell him he can use my computer but only if he did not change settings on it like the taskbar. It was a simple request right?

HE BLEW UP at me. It was crazy. We were all having a good time watching Girls Will Be Girls and cleaning or just sitting or getting dressed/ironing, and he explodes. Jenny and Ashley were like, “Uh, no he is’nt Patrick” and then Patrick got even more angry and stormed out, after throwing my laptop onto my bed, twice. He stomped into the living room and told Meghan that he wanted his money back (for booze) and she asked him about my clothes and he asked if we were the _____ police. I have not heard from him since.

Back to the party.

We got to the party and like the first person I see if Ben Coe. It freaks my shit out.

After about thirty minutes, and two beers, I am calmed down and I talk to him. It felt good. I don’t trust him with too many details, he is in Acacia ya know haha.

Oh, but he told me that I am not an active member of Acacia! Kyle told me…

We will keep you on our internal records as an active brother. Know that you are always welcome back among us for you are one of the Founding Fathers of the Missouri Chapter of Acacia Fraternity.

That fucking liar! Brotherhood my ass.

The party was fantastic. Here are pics!

We are watching Trick gotta go!

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