Cleaned My Room!

Inspired to clean today. I unpacked everything (lie) and re-organized the room (semi-lie) so that everything would fit better.

I had spider payback today. I counted one dead spider for each bit on my hand care of Raid Max Insect Killer. I have bites all around my ankles too now. Round two of spider genocide starts tomorrow and this time I am pulling a Little Boy, no, Fat Man… hell, we are going big on this one. Robert Lewis would be speechless this time around.

Tomorrow I launch the Forestville Project. My “the gadget” will be three rounds of Raid Max Concentrated DEEP REACH foggers. Goodbye any insect in this house! Muhahahahaha

In other news, I am going to watch The Musketeer tonight, even though it is nearly 2:00am here.

Aroma Roasters was f’ing busy tonight. I saw a guy that looked just like Justyn Foth and a girl that was identical, nearly, to Leslie Ruth.

And yes, it is true…

That is my version of Johnathan Keller’s picture of the very same sign. I can’t stand that his copy is worth $110 and mine is not worth a damned.



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