Comedy Central!

I have a lot to say about the other night with Kayla and Mark, plus that I have a new apartment and also that I freaking love my job and all my co-workers!  Shout out to Sean for being an amazing manager and props to Jessica for just rocking like a boot-skoot-boogeying jukebox.  Yay for Mary B, hope you are enjoying our store!

My goodness was San Francisco a blast the other night, I was picked up and put on stage through a window of a club and became part of a comedy act where I was getting laughs, and they were not directed at me this time!

I really must explain this more later but I am like hella tired and want to brush me teeth and fall asleep, hmmmm.

OH!  I bought an iPod video, a Pioneer Premier DEH-8MP, Pioneer iPod connection kit, XM Radio convergence system and then more!  All in all, over a thousand dollars worth of stuff for a lot less than the amount it should have been because Magnolia HiFi rocks the hizouse!  Pics later, installed it myself with the final touches care-of Mike.

Talking to Landon now, time for sleep!

2 thoughts on “Comedy Central!

  1. I miss talking to you… Where do you have a new apartment? What is this comedy thing? Where did you get the money to buy all the stuff? What were you doing in San Francisco? How is the iPod Video? What about your shuffle? Do you still use it? Are you working in the same place? How’s Landon? GAAHHH Why havn’t we talked in SO long?!

  2. omg! we totally have the same stereo set up! (could i sound more valley girl?) i miss you and i love when i read my name in your blog 🙂 i’m coming to visit the store today so you better be there!

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