Cough Cough, Allergies

So, it turns out, I have really bad allergies.  I really never have allergies, however, this year, quite the exception.

Can we blame this on Bush too?

I have been working more at Starbucks, which is great since my 12 hours a month was really hurting my bank account, especially with my trips to New York, Washington DC, Virginia… Concerts, AppleTV, Airport Extreme, music movies and tv shows…  I’ve been doing my best to keep this country running, Bush told me to go buy stuff!

The weather, wrought full of allergens, truly is stunning this time of the year, even here in Columbia Missouri!  Too bad I slept through it today.  With closing Starbucks last night and having to be back at work in five hours, then class until three… I was pooped.

I took a nice, four hour nap after class and feel like a new person.  Listening to Patrick Wolf and sitting outside of Starbucks, life is good.

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