Lunch with Joseph was kick ass. We mostly just talked and drove around, I actually barely made my flight and we did not get to eat at the restaurant. It was totally worth it still. We went to this Italian place with a name along the lines of ______ Oregano. The portions are huge. My meatball sandwich has 3/4 lb. of meat on it. LoL!

I am actually sitting on my plane, with it right below my feet. I started to eat the scrumptious fries that came with it and became a little apprehensive. I am on a Southwest flight, of course, which means, of course (again), that there is no actual food service. So while I am attempting to eat 3/4 lb. of Italian greatness, everyone else is “dinning” on peanuts and pretzels.

I also don’t have any utensils so eating it may be too difficult. I might just save it for dinner haha. Who knows. I imagine it will still be delicous in a few hours. I wonder how long it takes to fly from Pheonix to Sacramento…

Joseph looks incredible. He actually gets better looking everytime I see him. I would be such the whore…. haha. He is doing really well and seeing him just made my day. I am so glad the spur-of-the-moment get-together worked out (Jesus-Christ I am loving the hyphenations right now).

The plane is totally cramped. Nearly every seat is full and I am in between two average sized men (in all honesty, the one on my left is quite large and the one on my right is slightly below average). It makes for an uncomfortable flight. My arms are not able to go out at all, they are like the arms of a Praying Mantis. Strike!

My flight left the airport at 4:35, I got to the gate at 4:33. They, amazingly, unlocked the doors for me. Normally once the big door has been sealed, they are not allowed to re-open it until the next plane has arrived, or some sort of medical emergency.

Arizona State University proved to be a really neat campus and the city surrounding it is like Lawrence on steroids. In a few words, as opposed to “a word”, I really like the place.

I think I am going to pack up my laptop, I hate to be between to other people while typing, it makes me feel like I don’t have any privacy, and we know how Justin loves, and requires, a good deal of privacy.

I am going to check something though, brb. I land at 6:35, so I have an hour and a half on this plane. I swear, it is like flying TWA it is so packed. Totally not cool haha, or should I say, “Totally not kosher!”

Back to crampedness (I feel like saying “and bloating” because I always think of PMS commercials when I hear the word “cramp”).

Oh, totally random phone booth at the airport… it has like police tape around it and all kinds of weirdness. I took a picture, imagine that…

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