Crazy Ninja/Sex/Car/Superhero Dream

So I had this dream last night that, well I as having amazing… well sex, with Geoff, it was fantastic. And then Darryl showed up with numbchucks and he and I fought off these really bad ninja’s, I used this like 7 foot long poll with a butcher’s blade on one end (no blood in the dream, I used only the poll) and after that I went to Melissa’s (my ex) friend Jeanie (the one no one in CoMo has met) and asked her to marry me. Right afterwards We see this machine destroying a building.

I start taking pictures of it and turns out that the guy controlling the machine is evil too! She and I start to battle him. But even before that, before I had sex with Geoff, there was this cab ride. We were in Tulsa, but visiting Jim’s family. There apparently you rent your cab and drive yourself. I drove and did it kinda crazy. It was a fun drive, but then we had three Czech Republic people squish into our car. They were nice but really scary.

Before the cab ride I was with Landon, driving his terribly awkward, awfully new, Pontiac Firebird. Sometimes my dad, who was in the back seat, would try to give me tips on how to drive it, he only made me more nervous.

We drove to this amphitheater where it turns out a bunch of people, whom I knew, were planning a mass murder! I hid in a bathroom to gather myself for how I was going to stop it. I found in my pocket, of course, a form of numbchucks but they had lighted ends… like raving numbchucks haha.

I went out and took care of the seven or so people that were going to kill all of these innocent viewers of a drag show.

And who do I see at the drag show? This guy named Jesse who was in high school band with me, a year young and in Bellville. He was always really cute and I totally knew he was at least bi-sexual back then. We here he is doing drag and having a blast. I catch up with him and tell him how proud I am of him coming out and meet his boyfriend. Leaving there I bump into Geoff and we work things out.

He leans into me and kisses me, I am taken aback but kiss him in return. He tells me to meet him at this particular spot and I say I will.

On the way there I see Kevin. I have a new spirit in me, having saved so many lives and taking back the love of my life, that when I see him, I am not upset at all. Instead he is alone, standing near a collection of seventy-two inch flourescent black light bulbs. I find Geoff and we go off to our own place and have the most glorious sex since our first time.

So what does this dream mean? It has all the men of my life in it. My dad, Landon, Jim, Geoff, and, well I guess we will count Jesse haha.

Much love.

p.s., this medicine is becoming more of a problem than the pneumonia.

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