Creme Brulee, Hey Hey Hey!

So I made Creme Brulee for 10 people! It was a blast. I got the creme brulee kit from my mother for christmas and was really wanting to make some ever since, finally I had the ingredients and the people to try it out on. It turned out fabulous!

John was curious about the flame, but most curious in where I had hidden the French custards. He searched the apartment but luckily never found them… Look in the refrigerator next time buddy!

Jim and Ryan were the first to have some of the fired dessert. Everyone had to share a serving as I just did not have enough containers for all of the creme brulee. I am going to head out to Pier One sometime soon and buy some more.

Apparently Jenny really liked it. Patrick of course found it “highly classy and terribly delicious”. He cracks me up, quite glad to have him more in my life right now. His no bullshit attitude and his ability to have fun in nearly any situation is fantastic. Also love that I can talk Mizzou politics with him. Fantastic!

Once Jon finally received his cup, he was speechless. Actually he was just trying to block the camera. Oh well.

Ok, so Jim and Ryan are just too cute! It makes me both extremely happy and slightly sad seeing them together. I am so jealous of what they have. The greatest thing you’ll ever know is to love and be loved in return. The worst is to love and not be loved in return, I certainly know how that is.

The following are just two group shots we did after eating our dessert and having a few drinks. hehe. At this point I think we had finished off all of the Sunshine, which should be a sin!

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