Cupertino, We Have a Problem

Ok. So first.  My bad.  I dropped my iPhone from the SUV my mom was driving onto concrete… about a four and a half foot drop, the top of the phone slamming into the concrete.  This caused the power button to get jammed down and, well that sucked.  So I got a knife to open up the phone a bit which let the button out, though it still isn’t perfect, and allowed me to use my phone.  It is really delicate now though, squeeze it and it will turn off.  Squeeze it again and it turns back on.  You have to squeeze it really hard… perhaps this would be a good thing to patent? haha

I’m not too bent out of shape since I was thinking I would be getting the new 3G iPhone once it comes out and it wasn’t until a day later until I noticed something else was broken…

It appears something awful happened to the camera too.  Guess something is a bit loose.  If I squish the front to the back, it will fix the camera and take a regular picture.  However, if I squish from the left to right, it will turn off.  Seriously, I gotta patent this shit!

So it’s official.  My iPhone is halfway dead.  The solution is a series of squishes and non-squishes.  How awesome is that?

My poor cousin over there looks quite scary.  I’m thinking that I might have also tapped into some sort of super secret easter egg of the iPhone… thermal photo imaging.

I am pretty sure I’m ready to take on The Predator!  Thoughts?

Next up is this one.

I was working on a couple of pics in Photoshop and Aperture, all raw and actually it was about 15 pictures.  The total was about 2gigs of data being manipulated (working on the pictures I posted earlier. Here’s what happened that time around.

I am pretty sure that this is not supposed to happen.  Nothing I could do would fix it and it just kept moving around, flashing and changing colors.  My iTunes kept playing no problem.  It was weird and disturbing and I plan on sending a message over to Apple about this.  What do you think?  Am I Apple cursed or what?!

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