Cwotes Phrum thee Cahr

My dad is hilarious

On Chipendale’s

J: is chipendale’s still in houston?
D: no, it shut down, good thing too.
J: why? seems there is plenty of money and people to go in Houston.
D: i just think it is wrong to watch men strip.
J: but ok to watch women? that is sexist dad.
D: well, to watch women too, i, it just isn’t right.
J: hmmm… really?
D: yeah, and women to watch women too, just isn’t right… haha, i mean, it just isn’t right. either way… so dinner with mom right?

On John Paul Long

J: i have a friend who used to be in a seminary at the vatican, studying to be a priest.

D: so is he?
J: a priest? no, he quit.
D: why? did he start liking girls?
J: are you insinuating that he is not gay anymore and thus can’t be a catholic priest?
D: no, i, uh, just, like he… wow, already in Corsicana Texas huh?

And my favorite quote from Sabrina, the movie I watched last night staring Aubrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart

Cooking teacher to class in Paris:

the soufle it must be gay, gay like two butterflies dancing the waltz in the summer breeze, twa la la la (dancing like two gay butterflies)… very well.

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