Damn Spiders

So these are my spider bites, they are f’ing killing me! AHHHHHHHHHHH my poor hand!

Spiders should die.

5 thoughts on “Damn Spiders

  1. Yikes! That looks like it hurts!!!! a little vitamin C will help that out i am sure…..muhahaha…lol

  2. I found one clinging to my back in the shower this morning. Luckily he wasn’t a biter. Still, he had a one-way ticked down the drain.

  3. i got some spider spray and went at it today, it was total spider genocide… flashbacks to uganda

    ohhhhh, the un-PC joke… yikes!

  4. yea that looks like it hurts, i was just wondering what kinds of spider that bit came from. it just looks like a house spider but you never now.

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