Damn you Meghan! haha

I had a dream last night involving my ol’ roommates.

Nissa, Meghan and Jenny were there.

We have a back room in our apartment, like an office. This guy comes over to see me, we meet for the first time. I don’t believe it was planned because we had ordered Jimmy John’s (the girls and I did). I am in the back room with him talking and flirting and all that jazz, the food comes and Meghan starts yelling for me. She does it for like a minute, trying to get me to go out of the room and eat with them. I open the door, tell her to stop and go back to my guy.

So what does Meghan do? She brings her food into the back room and eats infront of us, talking the entire time and just being a bitch!

When I get out, the date ended soon after she arrived…, I try to tell her that what she did was really really wrong, but Jenny and Nissa agree with Meghan that it was ok and not a big deal that Meghan fucked up my date.

Furthermore she put an assload of mayo on my sandwich and spread it around with a spatula and then set it on the counter and got it all gross…

Wow, feels like I am back in CoMo! LoL! Thanks for the crazy dream, girls.

2 thoughts on “Damn you Meghan! haha

  1. so what does that dream mean? Pretty crazy though. Thanks for thinking of us!

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