Dan Savage – The Kid

I am barely into this book and already loving it. A must read from Dan Savage (all of his stuff is though…)

8 thoughts on “Dan Savage – The Kid

  1. I totally forgot that I finished Wicked and I have it here for you to borrow. Why didn’t you remind me? It’s all your fault!

  2. you always know a book is good when it raves on about itself on its covers… 🙂

    just thought i’d pop in and say hullo, Justin. (Am stuck writing thesis, so am abstaining from you and and everything else a little…)

    Hope everything is keeping well… I love the photographs.

    Am looking at your writing style. It is quite good. Whenever I see a letter written well over my life, I have stolen it for myself. (For example, my “f” comes from a powerpoint presentation my microbiology lecturer gave in which he had scans of van Louenhoek’s (sp?) original scribblings… he invested the microscope, by the way. And my “x” comes from Sandra Bullock in the film “The Net”, when she is signing the other lady’s name so she can get a passport. I’m thinking of stealing your small and large “s”. Your “r” is very old school. Your capital “A” is just a larger little “a”, lol… and you’re not a murdered, either. I hear they tend to use a lot of loops in their handwriting. Oddly enough, I use quite a few loops. Will have to scan some of mine in for you some day so you can analyze me 🙂

    Oh, and give me access to your “encrypted” posts, if you would be so kind. 🙂


  3. I am so glad you left me a message! I was very worried about you. Good luck on your thesis and you will for sure have access to my protected posts… once I make one. So far I have kept everything totally out there but meh, let’s get a little scandelous eh?

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