Dangerous Loves

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Rufus Wainwright- Poses
Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk

Oh Rufus, you always seem to be able to say it best.

Why do I crave all the things I don’t need? Cute blonde boys, Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked…

All I want is right under my nose yet I find myself on the prowl for hot boys and fun times. Right now infact I am waiting for hot boy Chad to meet me at Pershing Commons. Why? Well because he is hot and he thinks I am cute. I guess I just want to be loved or rather, looked at and not because I have some terrible growth on my face. 😉

Sugar substitutes are fabulous. They give you all the sweet without the calories. But lab rats in California have proven to us that if you eat too much sugar substitute, you could get cancer.

So, I love getting all these guys, but they are a cancer for me. They are so much fun to hang out with and what have you. Sometimes we even do a little more than hang out. But when I cut them off it hurts them so much, and it even hurts me, which is not saying little (I have an amazing anti-emotion shield). The cancerous hotness that they are dies once they are not with me, they are broken sometimes and seem like they will never heal.

Even I have been permanently hurt by these actions in short term, long term I will get to in a few minutes. In fact, I have fallen into remission quite a few times, several with one guy. That is when it hurts the most because each “treatment” takes more out of you as you go along.

So this really hot guy walks in, I look and think, no that is not Chad. It was Geoff. Damn, what a…

Gonna chat with him now, ciao babes.

One thought on “Dangerous Loves

  1. the analogies that you use Justin are always so perfect for what you are describing…I don’t know how you do it but you always seem to. I know that is bad timing for everything and I hope and pray it all works out for you.

    Good choice on the song as well! Gotta love Rufus!

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