“Date” at Carr’s

So he was really late… haha, nearly two hours. I left and then he called me to try again. He slept in, we were supposed to me at 12:00, he woke up at 1:00, that is a pretty big “sleep-in”.

Oh well, he is nice, really cute, but a little too… self involved. He told me right off the bat that it was one of his problems, for whatever that is worth.

We had a good enough time, talked for a couple of hours. He somewhat invited me to Aroma Roasters tonight at nine, he did not show up haha. Oh well, I met a really nice, beautiful, girl who just moved here from Oregon.

So, in other news, there are two adorable guys sitting at the table next to me. I really want to break into conversation with them, one is applying for a job at In-n-Out Burger (starting pay is $9.00/hr!!!, I am so applying for a job there haha).

I know they know I keep staring at them haha, oh well. If they wanted to talk to me they would right? I really want to wear a sign that says “I am new here, please talk to me”. How sad is that? LoL

I talked to my Dad tonight. He gave me the same old speech… “You know Justin, there is nothing you could tell me that would surprise me, I would never judge you for anything you did or whoever you are…”

When he said that tonight, I actually let out a little guffaw over the phone. I hope he did not hear it haha. We were talking about why our family has so many secrets and how stupid it was to hold secrets against your loved ones, if they really love you they won’t judge you, etc. I think my dad wants me to tell him everyday that I am gay, I really don’t get it. He knows so why does he keep getting back into that topic, as if he wants to talk about it.

Ok, so I totally just had an “in” to talk to these guys. They started talking about how amazing Charlotte Church is and how they have not heard anything from her in years… haha. They are singers, how hot is that?!

I totally passed out today around 4pm. I worked out this morning at 8:00, well there was traffic so I did not get there till around 8:40. I then went home, showered, got completely ready for the date, took a quick nap, and then headed out to the date… blah blah. Got home from the date (the second time) around 3:30, I did some emailing and then totally passed out on the bed. I woke up at like 8:00! I am going to have a fun time falling asleep tonight!

Speaking of singing, this morning and afternoon, before I fell asleep around 4:00, I was singing like a demon! I hit all the notes I tried and with such vigor. It was amazing, as if someone else was singing through me. It was so awesome, I could not stop singing. Then I fell asleep and, meh, allergies. Bah to that.

I really want to, well stop being so random, but also break into the conversation. I don’t want to appear like some crazy guy who eaves drops and there is the added problem that they are at a two person table with no room for a third person. I want to them say something really loud that I can use to bump myself into their conversation… haha. I am such a loser somtimes.

Anyways, I am going to pretend to listen to music for a bit.

Love out!

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