Dating Woes

I was dating this really great guy, for a few weeks. These were the weeks leading up to my 22nd birthday. He was kind, cute, funny and a blast to hang out with.

Every night we hung out together, we told each other about how wonderful a time we had, every morning we parted with a kiss and the promise of another day together.

A few days towards the end he told me that I was the first guy he had ever dated that he was able to be himself around. Be who he really was and not have to hide anything. I thought this was a sign that we were going to be moving forward, becoming exclusive and such.


A few days later, we both began out moves into each of our new apartments. He had lots of remodeling to do to his new place, painting and cleaning, organizing and the like. He didn’t call me or see me these days. I went to see him twice but only really succeeded once.

He didn’t call me on my birthday, or for any of those days. Much less have the alone time he had promised. His friends did not show any signs that they knew what was going on either.

Now it seems he is actively ignoring me. He says, “let me call you right back” and then he doesn’t. He sets me up everytime. I still really like him. I feel I could do “better” than him (or better than the situation), most of my friends said this from the start. But you know when you get a feeling about someone? That feeling that maybe this person will be one of those that you can give yourself to?

Landon, Geoff and Seth, all those for me. Seth was completely wrong for me, but it worked out in some sort of bizarre fashion. We fit together, not really certain how or why. Landon and Geoff, it made sense.

I’m not used to this treatment, being ignored, being played. It has never happened. I’m not one to fall for it or to allow it to even happen. I don’t go after guys who I think would ever do that to me, what is the point?

This fella is probably seeing someone else now, perhaps even while we were dating, he always talked about some guy who was “straight”. Why the desire to point out his heterosexuality with every chance to bring him into a conversation, unless something else was there?  Either and anyway, I’m not at all certain.
I don’t know what to think at this point. Like I said, I still care for him a lot and if he wants to be grown up about the situation, sit down and talk to me; that would be great. Meanwhile, this sucks.

3 thoughts on “Dating Woes

  1. hey 1upr..
    What is your schedual like?

    PS.. I tried to sign up for a GMAIL account but I never get a code on my cell! 🙁 So if you want me to get an account you’ll have to send me a invitation.

  2. Yay! You’re alive! Sorry to hear about the boy crap… Boys suck! (and not always in the good way!) Miss you!


  3. Oh, Justin. I love you. *Hug* And I don’t like it when you’re sad. ‘Cause when my boos be cryin, heads start rollin.

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