Definitely Not a Leader of Prides


Well, we went to St. Louis Pride 2005 and… about what I expected. Of course, the clubbing was a blast, as crazy as it was, being left, finding cool people, bumping into random friends, dancing dirty with hot boys and girls… Fabulous time, despite the fact that on a scale of 1-100 of Prides, St. Louis Pride would probably get a 37, Columbia Pride a 15… San Francisco Pride was a solid 92, on my scale.



There were two weddings going on in front of our hotel.  How happy.



Jim loves his re-enacting of Defying Gravity from Wicked… haha, he did quite a nice job at it too!


These three guys are probably my best friends in Columbia.  Too bad Jeremy could not go with us :(  The pride was in Tower Oak Park, very pretty.


What would Pride be without flying noodles?


Here are some pics, right now the boys are waking up so I should probably go back to them and check on them in the hotel. Ciao! More later of course. Sorry about no update as promised the other day, my host,, was down for over 36 hours! Now it’s back and I’m ready to make some posts, as soon as I get back to Columbia.

2 thoughts on “Definitely Not a Leader of Prides

  1. SF Pride wasn’t all that hot this year. Mike and I was there for like a half hour, then came back home…

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