Destruction of My Habitat, also Why I Want to Look Plastic

SteveZ is my new muse, or an additional one. Shout out to Steve, whoop!

I am recently divorced, no wait, I am recently awake. I got home from a relatively bad day and crashed on my bed, after eating two slices of Adorno’s Pizza, which by the way is f’ing delicious. Last night my parents and I picked up a large Mushroom and Black Olive pizza, it was heavenly.

They also picked up for me a toaster and a little oven, thanks mom and dad! Now I can cook things that require heat!!! Now when does my actual heater get installed?…

Well actually, that too is scheduled pretty soon. My parents had all the ivy around my apple trees removed. Apparently it was a mouse haven, now the mice are venturing towards my house. Too bad they are so damn cute! I think they will keep away though. I have nothing for them here, no food and barely any shelter hehe.

Maybe it is because my house is getting less and less cozy as the ceiling is taken out and the carpet pulled up, or maybe it is because my room is now really clean, but whatever the cause, I have never felt as comfortable in my bedroom as I do now. It is my safe haven. I sure hope the mice don’t take a liking to it!

My nearly black hair is now heading towards brown with gold flecks and red shimmerings. What is the deal with my hair not holding a color? Color safe conditioner and no shampoo, it all makes no sense. Alas, whatever. I was really really loving my ravenously dark hair.

Almost as much as I love getting im’s from people, Dave, Mike and SteveZ all have IM’d me since starting this post. I am jamming (if that is possible) to the new Tracy Chapmann cd.

I think I am going to explore some photographic options for tonight.

Hopefully I will have a post with pictures following this, also some video as I found out the video my camera phone takes actually plays in Quicktime.

Till then my peaches…

2 thoughts on “Destruction of My Habitat, also Why I Want to Look Plastic

  1. yeah, i need to take a picture! i wish i had the ability to take my picture like i take other ppl’s pics… as in like proper lighting and whathaveyou, sadly, no

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