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So I have been a in artsy, craftsy mood recently. Keeps me occupied so my mind does not wander during study breaks and what not.

You have already seen the brothel sign but now you can see it in its last of three stages of being complete. We still need to get the magnets for the back.

Here we have glued and nailed each of the letters to the board. The board was originally just a plain pine color. We stained it and then used my torch to burn it. It caught on fire and made the smoke alarm go off, but it was all good. We had some really awesome ideas when we started going, one right after the other.

Jim came up with a way to put my idea of our establishment date onto the sign. It was quickly agreed that burning into the wood likely would be the coolest option so with Jim’s ingenious brand-of-coat-hangers, we quickly were able to spell out our message.

Some might wonder why it says Est. 2003 since we moved in April 1, 2004. We decided that since we all met in 2003, and the apartment was being discussed then and mostly since I accidentally put 2003, it would be just fine and proper. hahaha!

Jim and I put polyeurathane on the sign to protect it from the elements. It is going to be hung on the door during parties using magnets from old speakers (they are super powerful) attached to the sign with epoxy. Our first party with the sign is coming up very quickly so hopefully Jim and I will find a good speaker to kill today on our adventures in the Salvation Army!

This afternoon I got down to business and mailed out a few gifts to my mother, three movies, a book and a t-shirt. I also sent my brother a case for his laptop and a pair of shorts he is in love with.

The book I sent my mother was Where the Wild Things Live, a book she used to read to me as a child to scare the shit outta me. I first wrapped it in plastic and then in copper wire…

After that, I put the book inside of an envelope and glued and tacked it shut. I then put a warning label on it, yeah not as classy as I had hoped but my printer is outta ink, and put some “specimen” gloves (enclosed in it’s own plastic bag) on the envelope and wrapped it in more copper wire. Finally, I got my torch and burned the edges of the envelope.

I put each gift, the T-Shirt was a Gnome shirt…

…inside joke with my mother, in its own FedEX container and then put all three FedEX containers together and shipped it off. It should get to Tulsa around the same time she gets back into town. It was really fun to make hehe.

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