Dining and Whining

EDIT: Please, roll your mouse over my profile picture to the right and look at the freaking AWESOME java and CSS I did! A little profile should shoot down from my picture, how hot is that?! Now back to your regular post.

So while my my parents were here my mother apparently lost weight. I, however, likely gained weight. I normally don’t eat very much, however, with them around I was “forced” to eat three solid meals every day. Going out for Chinese at Gary Chu’s

Or perhaps a wine braised filet at GTO’s.

Now I am back to my normal diet. Half a bagel in the morning, a cliff bar for lunch (the chocolate chip peanut bar is amazing) and for dinner a small helping of whatever i can dish up. Finish it all up with a low-cal chocolate milk shake. We are talking, zero grams of fat, <300 calories and 2 gram of sugar milk shake, and it is freaking awesome!

This morning I woke up early to have my bagel and get some cheap (free) internet, well at the cost of a drink. I went to Sonoma Coffee Company. It was my first coffee shop here in California. Their internet is crap but I was hoping it would work fo rme today. No. I wasted $4.50 on an awful smoothie there, tossed it and walked to Aroma’s instead. Right now I am admiring two things.

The hot personal trainer (in training) on my right;

And a cup of green jasmine tea on my left;

I just emailed Landon, he is picking me up in St. Louis! I am so excited. I am listening now to Joni Mitchell on my iPod Shuffle and could not be happier than this moment, at this time, in this plac with this fabulous, blanched weather. I absolutely love the weather. Grey skies, cool breeze, wet air and the white sun as it peaks through the ashen clouds.

William John and I have been conversing over email recently. You guys should really read his blog. Go back in a time a bit, he has been busy with school with little time left for life, much less posting about it!

I was reading the top ten blog design mistakes. I did pretty well! I also put my site through a test, and besides the fact that only about 127 sites link to me, I had B+ to A- score!

Do me a favor, link to my posts or better yet, my blog! Hey, why not also click on my Google Adsense? It gives me money and makes me post more. Yes, that’s the ticket!

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