Dinner at Mikes

I had a fun and fantastic dinner with Mike and Kevin the other night. It was a total blast! We had meatballs… noodles… salad… and drinks! Freaking awesome. I was giddy.

These guys are as close to family as I could ever hope for out here. They are the reason I am alive today… ok, that is an overstatement of sorts but they are a big reason of why I am so happy these days. Hats off to you two!

Kevin made a fantastic margarita and washington apple while Mike prepared the dinner, excellent salad by the way. I sat around and watched everything take place, meh, that was fun enough for me.

So how do you like my sign? I was bored at work the other day and thought I would try out the new chalks, jazz things up a bit. Meh, whatever, it was fun to play around with. Too bad so many of my friends are such great artists, they could have created something more realistic, or at least something more attractive. But you work with what you’ve got and what I’ve got is… well that right there I suppose…

I do wish we had better display boards for Starbucks, that would make decorating more fun. I have made this deal with myself, if I don’t drink/eat Starbucks, I can lose weight. Ok, so that is’nt really a deal but come on, it makes sense. By skipping the Starbucks everyday, oh so delicious, I can skip the empty calories. Meh, not too hard to do, so far, so good.

The lighting and color in this picture really intriques me. I was trying to get a quick picture, people think you are crazy when you are hunched down on a sidewalk at 10:51 in the morning taking a picture of what they believe to be dirt. I felt rushed, those never got to play with shutter speeds. Oh well.

What a great fire I made, warmed the entire room up, thank goodness for that too, it has been getting colder and colder with each passing day.

The following pictures are of this little nano peice i just bought… hmmmm

Song to Seth

2 thoughts on “Dinner at Mikes

  1. I love the “don’t steal music” label on the iPods. Is it stealing when you get it from your roommates computer?

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