Dinner at Thai House

[Listening to: Lokua Kanza – Toyebi Té – Mboka]

I just took my medicine so I will probably be falling asleep in thirty minutes. w00t to that right?

As I wrote earlier, there is no wireless internet here. However, I should be able to find some sort of internet cafe here. Landon always preaches to me that in any given civilized city, there is at least one internet cafe. He has never been wrong, let us hope he is right this time.

Who is Tony Sinclair?

I got to explore Santa Rosa via car today. It was a blast. I also looked up a few key phone numbers…

Gay and Lesbian Information Center and the local PFLAG chapter. Hopefully they will be able to give me some clues about the gay community here and all that jazz. The guy at Jamba Juice, who was a huge peice of hot muscle haha, was definitely gay, however, he was in Napa and not Santa Rosa. He was so hot haha. Normally large muscle guys do nothing for me, but somehow it fit him. I think it was the fact that this man, who was so strong and powerful, was also so in touch with his feminine side. Our hands grazed and he looked up at me, we both smiled and that was that. I have never been so sexually attracted to a complete stranger. It was weird. I remember how red his skin was from the sun and how friendly his eyes were as they met mine… Hmmm… I could totally go for him tucking me in bed and holdin gme as we fall asleep. God damn, he would be like one of the top ten perfect guys I have ever met, if based purely on our few minutes together which would be really silly. Fo some reason I am infactuated with him.

I am going to be stupid and probably start using Ephedra to lose weight. They are about to make it legal again and Landon lost an ass-load of weight off it, why can’t I? He has kept it off too. I plan to workout too, don’t get me wrong, but any help I can get would be great. Right now my appetite has shrank to almost nothing. I just can’t eat and I feel bad because my grandfather is bringing me to these realy nice restaurants and paying like $20+ for my dinner and I can only eat like 1/4 of it.

A woman named Pamela Dunn has disappeared… that is my aunt’s name.

My grandfather and I went to Thai House for dinner, it was “ok”. No spices in it, I wanted something hot and this totally was not hot. Other than that it was quite good. We also went to the mall to check it out and just around town.

My lungs are killing me. They are full of nasty shit, again. I cannot stand this. I am way too susceptible to lung problems, I could never be a smoker.

I have been listening to talk radio with my grandfather in the car and watching CNN the entire time we have been in any hotel room… There is way too much killing in the world. Have you noticed that? Why can’t we all just get along…

My grandfarther and I talked about gender and sexuality at dinner tonight, as well as some environmental and tax issues. For being such a strong Republican, we agree at least somewhat on most issues. He is pro-choice and against the estate tax and tax breaks for the rich and seemed to be open about sexuality and gender identity.

The Sex and Gender talk started after the table next to us had a man, who was apparently an intern to be a psychiatrist, is doing a study on heterosexual men who cross dress. His theory seems to be flawed, IMHO, but I am sure he knows more than I about the subject. I have my own theories on these types of subjects so we shall see I guess.

Tomorrow we head out to some other small town around here to meet with the contractors that are working on the river house out here. We are having breakfast with them at 8:00 and then heading to the house. After that I guess we are free of any real things to do, hopefully I can move around on my own tomorrow and get to a few “gay” places. I don’t want to move here if there is not a good, strong, gay population. From what I have seen so far, this place has all kinds, but I have not yet seen any family around here. Of course my exposure has been quite limited.

Well, I guess I will hit up my iPod shuffle for some relaxing music. I think I am going to buy Lokua Kanza’s cd. It is so relaxing. I was listening to the song Mboka while in the shower. It was one of the free iTunes downloads. I really like it. It is so calming. I need that.

I spent $40 at the pharmacy tonight buying medicine and batteries. I really hope I don’t get sick… I know I already am sick, I just hope that I don’t get worse.

Anyways, time for sleep, love you.

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  1. Thai food without spices, WTF?!?!?

    Sorry for your lung difficulties that sucks

    Just keep telling yourself you are not sick and you will get better faster….well you can take some medicine if you wish…..oh yeah and some VITAMIN C!!!

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