Dirty Rotten Scoundrel

I should make a job outta smoozing people haha. I just got a $5.25 sandwich, $2.00 beverage and $1.50 fruit salad for $5.00. That is a savings of $3.75. Who rocks? That’s me, that’s me… haha, anyways, back to the real story here.

My contractor is a deuce. Look at the fabulous roof he is putting on my house.

Note how the top of the roof goes up about six inches while the bottom of the roof stays perfectly level. I used red lines to better illustrate this. Today he told me that I should try to limit my water consumption… I have been home three times in the past two weeks or so. I have slept at home ONCE and showered there ONCE, used the lavatory maybe three times… Whatever is he talking about? He claims that I am using a lot of water but I am never home. Meanwhile he has consumed all of my water (I had forty-eight bottles of water, now I have three!) and my Gatorade and half of my cranberry juice. I wonder what the status is on my Vodka, wine and champaign…

I went to the doctor for my knee today. Great doctor appointment. No surgery as long as I don’t do anything more to my knee, no stressing on it. The meniscus is pretty roughed up, he guessed I did a lot of soccer and cycling in my years. How right he was. So no more sports for me unless I want a knee replacement in the next five years! He said that some sports would be ok as long as I did not do them longer than a month at a time with a month between, especially sports where I put stress on my knees (tennis, basketball, soccer, cycling, etc). He told me to take up swimming for cardio since cycling is definitely not a good idea! OH NO! My favorite past time no longer an option? I don’t think I will be able to handle that… Fuck it, I will ride anyways haha. Knee replacement, here I come. I just will stay off the big hills and not go for speed like I normally do. (Hills and high speed cycling is my specialty, it is where I gained most of my time in the Heineken Tour, Toure de Cypress and especially the MS150 where hills were all of the second day’s run.

I got a new license plate today…

Going on my wall! haha, I have new plates too, Oklahoma plates, bye bye Texas plates… tears…

Got an email from Landon, yay!

Tonight I was supposed to do Popscene but my doctor said a big no, for reason of the strep (no longer contagious) and especially the knee. No clubbing for at least a week and only with my knee brace on.

I have more to say but gotta switch laundry, be right back. 6:24pm

6:34pm and I am back, and with a new photo. Fun with double exposure…

Double Exposure

I am at Coffee Bazaar in Guerneville right now, my usual laundry and coffee spot. This weekend is Bear Weekend… yikes! There are hairy and/or older a/o muscular gay men all over the place, plus their partners who are sometimes their clone and other times younger, smaller/thinner hairless guys (who I find terribly attractive haha). I totally go after thing, muscular guys without much of any body hair. (wow, that was rather personal…) Just look at my history. Landon, then Jim, then Darryl, then Geoff and Kevin and now Seth. All were incredibly nice, impressively smart (most more intelligent than they knew what to do with) and of course thin and beautiful. Their beauty was at strong externally as it was internally. As their inside turned ugly, it seemed their outside turned ugly too. But I won’t go there, at their “ugliest” they still were dreams more beautiful than I could ever wish to be.

Let’s do a breakdown… Some of these people were more serious than others, these are my most serious relationships (with guys) so far.

Jim, Darryl and Seth are all great artists.
Jim, Darryl, Geoff, Matt and Seth were all musically inclined (instrumentally at least).
Landon, Jim, Geoff, Kevin and Matt were all painfully intelligent.
Landon, Jim, Kevin, Matt and Seth never gave me a moment of bitch. Socially perfect.
Landon, Jim, Geoff, Kevin, Matt and Seth put out this incredibly trusting feeling.
Landon, Jim, Geoff all made me cry.
Landon, Geoff and Seth I lived/live with.
Landon, Jim, Geoff, Kevin and Seth were the type of people that conversations could be had for hours without repetition.
Landon, Jim, Darryl, Geoff, Kevin, Matt and Seth all made/make me laugh.
Landon, Jim, Geoff, Kevin, Matt and Seth made/make me genuinely happy
Landon, Jim and Geoff I was with for a pretty good time (1, 2 and 3 level ratings)


Landon +10 -1 = 9
Jim +9 -1 = 8
Darryl +3 -0 = 3
Geoff +10 -1 = 9
Kevin +5 -0 = 5
Matt +6 -0 = 6
Seth +7 -0 = 7

Landon tied with Geoff

What does this even all mean? Your guess is as good as mine. I should probably do a more in depth version of this. Like, what did I do for these people and why I felt I had to do it. Some I “showered with gifts”, some were co-dependent, some were totally love and other(s) were totally mistakes.

In other news, there is a guy playing Coffee Bizaar’s piano and singing. He is quite good!

Too bad I am totally digging my iPod Shuffle right now. Oh how I love thee!

Rufus has really been getting the love from my shuffle recently.

I have gotten so much new music and have had such little time to listen to it… I am so excited that the shuffle picks up my new music at a higher priority.

Harry Potter out this Friday!!! I have no parties to go to for it, yet!

I already warned Seth and my other friends here that I might disappear once I get the book. haha.

Ok, time to fold clothes and get back to Santa Rosa. Love you all.

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