“Disaster” Strikes America

HomophobeSo this is the unfabulous Pastor Rod Parsley, born in Cleveland, Ohio, January 13, 1957, married to Joni K. Askoff, October 11, 1986 and has two children: Ashton Blaire, born May 7, 1989 and Austin Chandler, born July 11, 1991.

Parsley is also the man behind the push to accept “Issue 1” into Ohio law, removing domestic partner benefits, including health insurance. But it does not stop there. It would also take away parental rights to gay couples. More later, gotta pack up.

Hey, it does not stop there. Issue 1 would go beyond the “Defence of Marriage Act” (which was passed in February in Ohio) and take away joint custody of children in heterosexual relationships where the couple is not married with a license from the state. The same goes for health insurance. Companies like Starbucks, who helped pioneer domestic partner benefits, would no longer be able to award spouses to their employees, who are not legally married, health care insurance.

Republicans already betrayed their homosexual constituents, now they are going after their heterosexual voters! Good job…

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