Déjà Vu

Such is my life. I finally start to have feelings for someone, we start to become close and what does he do? He gets a new “boyfriend”. What’s worse is he has my same name and is two years younger and he brings him to my house to my party right infront of me.

Why do people I want to try and be with always want to try and make me so sad? Moreover, why are they always so successful?

All and all I had a nice night. There were not too many people over here as the main party was next door, and the snow-ball fight was a lot of fun, but in the back of my mind I felt just as I had when I was replaced by another man when dating Geoff. I do not like the way I am treated and I do not living a life with such abandon.

“Pretty things, oh why do I like pretty things”

They only hurt you. The more beautiful they are, the more pain they inflict.

Anyways, I am off to go wedding ring shopping, hopefully it will be successful. First though, I must shower and ready myself for a very important day, the day that I start turning the wheels again.

Later all.

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