Dona Nobis Pacem

Yesterday was a blast, today was great.

But wait, there’s more!

So I opened Starbucks Wednesday, something new for me, I normally only open on weekends, but poor Melissa had to do overnight inventory and to make her come in at 7:00 would be a sin!

I was set to work from 7-11 and then from 2-6. School in between.

I opened with the “new guy” who seems to be great, so far. He is >18 (yay!) and going to the JC.

The closers the night before did a less-than-stellar job closing up, but that gave me an opportunity to train him on what not to do.

Barbara came on, had so much fun with her and then headed off to class. We got our statistics project back, oh crap. The class average seemed to be not far from ours so hopefully things will curve up, we did find several errors in his grading, let’s hope that works out for us as well. Two of our partners are no longer in the class, that is kinda sad, especially since they were so fun! RIP you two! haha

Sudden sick feeling in my stomach during class, felt something was wrong at Starbucks. I leave class a bit early and head to Starbucks to find that no one had shown up to relieve Barbara, I hurried to take her place as Melissa showed up, poor thing! But Melissa and I never get to work together so she stayed a bit and we had a blast! So much fun.

Barbara came back on, Melissa left… The two of us were outta there by 6:00 and I headed to Aroma Roasters to kill some time and some brain cells (reading the internet). Mike invited me over to dine on pizza with him and Kevin, I obliged.

We got some fabulous pizza, from Round Table of all places (funny, Jeff Keller went there the very same night, only 50 minutes south). We hung out together, had a few drinks, Mike tried to sell my body out on Hmmmm…. haha

The night before, I had picked up the new Family Guy dvd, Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story. Brought it over to Mike’s and the three of us (you can guess number three I’m sure) enjoyed it with our stomachs full of delish food from some cafe in Rhonert Park.

Today I did’nt work, class, nothing for hours and hours and then class. My voice class was fun, as usual, but totally twilight zoned out today as this guy sang a song way out of his range, pitch all over the place but rhythm right on… That is what I thought at least, apparently everyone else heard perfect tone and awful rhythm… seriously, this kid was WAY flat and WAY WAY sharp, never on, awful! I was freaking out as ppl said the opposite, and the teacher agreed! What was that about eh?

You can tell how bored I was during my law class, only… not really bored but… anyways, I drew the alphabet a few times. They say you can tell a lot about a person through their handwriting. Lemme know what you think.

Am I a serial killer?

Meh, anyways, I am going to setup a password protection to some future posts to protect myself and others, not that I ever do anything terrible on here haha. Just want to censor myself in a fashion that let’s the right people into my life while keeping the crazies a little bit further away haha. If you want access to the password protected posts, just send me a comment and I can figure out if you get access teehee.

Only one picture to really post tonight. I hope to get back into the photo thing again. Soon enough right? Need to get that new digital camera, badly.

Any sponsors?

Here you go, photo taken while walking from class to my car.


The house was lit up so… domesticly. Seemed like a house from Edward Scissorhands.

I am really enjoying life right now. Especially the part with the “huge news”. The news is changing everyday, its size is relative to its possibility of actually ocurring but things are on track, hopefully nothing jumps the track! But if it all works out… my big dream will have come true. Wow!

I sang a few songs to Landon on the phone tonight, Once Upon a Time, Where or When and Dona Nobis Pacem. Then I started making dinner, which was freaking delicious, all the while doing my voice homework, singing songs is always so fun.

Night all, gotta wake up in three hours for work, yay! Stupid no sleep thing, did’nt I write a plan to get to bed early? I really need someone to live with that can help with that sort of stuff.

One thought on “Dona Nobis Pacem

  1. So guess the 101th person will be the real 100th person… So we will see… You know I deserve a password. I am awesome like that and you know it. I like the practing of the cursive handwriting. I don’t think I could still write in cursive…now i am going to practic now that you did it. Anyway, I am so glad that things are going well for you. As for you wanting to live with someone that could help you work all your stuff out… That used to be me… Remember when I would just sit and “watch” you clean your room. I miss those days. Hope to see you soon! kisses~

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