I could use some downtime already.  I have been running around so much lately, I haven’t gotten a moment to just relax.

My grandmother is coming into town Friday, I work Saturday and Sunday, but hopefully we will have enough time together to hang out.

David is back in town, glad to see him back.  Jim and I picked him up from the airport Sunday night.  A late night stop at Arby’s almost killed me.  Apparently, going weeks and weeks without eating that kind of food can do a number on you, once you eat that kind of food again.  Today I’m starting to feel better.

I met a guy at Starbucks, we have been hanging out.  He is a nice guy, though I’m not really feeling that I can do a relationship right now.  I still am thinking about someone else.  More than one other someone else at that.  Oh dear.

Time for french class


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