Dream Catcher

Currently: Calogero – Calogero – Prendre Racine

So this girl sitting across from me at the Artisan right now is wearing dream catcher ear rings. Native Americans believed the center hole would allow good dreams to reach the sleeper but the web would catch the bad dresms. But what would be the point of the dream catcher ear rings? A dream catcher only works when you are sleeping… Yeah, I just don’t get it haha.

Got some new cd’s today

Destiny’s Child – This is the Remix
Savage Garden – Savage Garden
Savage Garden – Affirmation
Savage Garden – Remixes
AIDA – Soundtrack
Elizabeth – Soundtrack

I really love Calogero. I have always liked to listen to the French language, but listening to the French language in song is even better. It is so amazing how similar and different music from different nations can be. Hmmm… back to homework.

Ciao babes

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