dreamWeaving web of problems

Trying to do my CSS homework, should be really easy but, well it is’nt.

First off, the class is using an outdated version of Dreamweaver, I am on v8 they are on 2004. Grrr.

Secondly, my copy of v8 is broken. I have to exit and reload the sites everytime I want to edit the main CSS file.

I gave up.

Work today took forever, again. So many people have been fired, it is crazy! Work was fun but longer than usual, which has become the usual? Closing actually did take forever, well not literally but about twice as long as usual.

George and I went to Subway for dinner. I got my sandwich for only $2.50 instead of $6. The other day I got my Quizno’s for free, but everytime I go to this particular Quizno’s, the guy gives it to me for free. I don’t think he is gay but…

Man assaulted in front of Kappa Alpha house
By Doug Carlucci, News Editor. Posted October 21, 2005.

A 20-year-old man visiting Columbia from Maryland was assaulted early Saturday morning by six men who came out of the Kappa Alpha Order fraternity house at 1301 University Ave., according to the victim and a report filed by Columbia police.

I was at first freaked out. I heard only that a gay hate crime occured to someone named Maddox in front of Kappa Alpha. Geoff came to mind. My stomach was doing all sorts of flips and flops, my heart was racing and angry tears swelled in my eyes.

EDIT – i just wrote how i would brutally dismember these people… that is so not like me. I am not a violent person. Guess it just shows what happens when you mess with a platinum friend, even gold friend, of mine. don’t do it, please. I don’t want to go to jail and what I might do to you owuld not be worth it. Some platinum friends are Geoff, Jim, Jenny, Landon, Jena, Dave, Melissa, Joseph and of course family. Ask Jenny, I have been known to lose tears just speaking about these situations.

Ok… I admit that what I just wrote was awkward… let me break and write more later.


Ok, so it is later now.

It was not Geoff who was attacked. Of course, otherwise I would be in Columbia right now.

I spent a good hour or so talking to my cousin David the other night. God I miss him. We had so much fun out here, I sure wish he could have stayed, life would be so incredible with him here. He is, however, doing well. Had he been here, I guarentee we would have a podcast… totally. Maybe even a videoblog. Damnit! 😉

I don’t know what to sing for my recital on thursday!!! Oh No! I have a few options but nothing seems to fit what I want to sing. I want Cole Porter!!!

Rosa Parks died. I went on a tirade to Landon about her death. Don’t get me started. I am just pissed off at the government, how could they forget their small heroes? Oh yeah, I rememeber why…

Really quite tired now… sleep ensues?

2 thoughts on “dreamWeaving web of problems

  1. I had to reread the article a few times as well because Maddox was the first name I read as well. We are all wearing white ribbons for the next few weeks to remember this guy and the situation he was put in. I can’t believe that the Fraternity is not getting in trouble! This is outragous. Hate Crimes make me so mad, I mean furious!!! Where does their anger come from? How can someone be so mother fucking stupid? I get tearied eyed just thinking about it…..

    I wish you were here….. Friday needs to come sooner!

  2. Last year they were almost kicked off campus when their canon, aimed at the Black Culture Center, exploded, peices flying into the air and crashing through an apartment building.

    Kappa Alpha, why did I ever want to pledge you? The southern gentleman’s fraternity, far from it…

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