Duality/Split Personality

So… Another photo project idea.  It’s like my sixth so far… I need to concentrate huh?  I need pictures!!!

I want to capture the duality of people’s lives.  Chase inspired this idea.  So, for instance, we have people that have lots of tattoos but for their day job they cover up these tattoos.  So we have two pics, one dressed up for work/school and another dressed down for going out or hanging out.

Then there is internal duality, which is even more interesting.  Someone who is incredibly extroverted but in reality, is closed up and feels alone.

A few flickr photographers captured what I want to do, here are two examples.

This first one is by Randall Cottrell.

Here is one by Rodrigo Benavides.

What do you think?  There were many more I wanted to show but they weren’t bloggable from Flickr.  Grrr.  I’m doing some of this photoshoot tonight so if you wanna join in, Twitter me, call me, Facebook me or email me!

4 thoughts on “Duality/Split Personality

  1. I like the tattoo idea. The inner duality idea is pretty dope too.

    P.S. sorry I’m blowing up your blog right now, I’m bored running laps on the internet. Myspace, Facebook, Flickr, Peoples blogs, Digg, annnnd repeat.

    Tonys last blog post…Cheap Photo Work

  2. I love this idea. Remember when I suggested drag queens for your public and private project? Well, I think they would be much better for this one. Also, what about guy all snuggly with girlfriend in one shot and with boyfriend in another? Is it bad to have the gay kid do a photoshoot on closet cases? I don’t think so. You just have those pretty Scouts boys that could easily model for either orientation so I say roll with it. Or, what about computer guy by day? Unicyclist by night? 😉

    Karens last blog post…Idiocracy: Cinematic suggestion for all, especially the boy w/the AuH20esque profile name

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