new house – my parents are trying to buy a new house… only problem? it is not for sale! LoL! so my mom has written a letter to the owners asking how much money it would take to get them out of their house. i find this hilarious and at the same time sad… the house is very pretty and quite large, something I miss from our old house. it is an italian villa style house, i think about 6,300 sq feet with a three car garage and guest house. w00t. who knows if they will even sell though….

bank card – I am getting a new bank card soon, my old one’s keychain card died and i really miss it so they are sending me a new one, yay! jim had to get a new one too as he was silly and lost his.

things disappearing – so things always seem to disappear in my room or at least in this apartment. luckily some things have re-appeared, namely my glasses and medicine. i am still searching for my car keys, going on two weeks without them and it is really troubling me. i remember the last time i had them… but maybe i am just silly and don’t know when i really last had them haha.

self image – my self image is way way down right now. i feel so fat and i see myself aging really quickly right now. i am back to the gym this week and that will make me happy. before geoff broke up with me i was working out daily and really starting to see results, it felt so nice. gotta get that going again.

grad – so i setup my grad plan! i am a poly sci/psych major now and while i am excited about the major change, it is causing some major issues as a bunch of my old classes will not count so i am back to nothing haha. well not really, i have a lot of hours that will transfer but i have to take more bio classes (yayayayay!!!!) and a few other sciences and what not. i am excited because i will be taking communication law which i love like little else

j’aime francais – so i finally did what my professor told me to do… i dropped french haha. i love it and will take it again next semester, there was just no way to do well in a class where you missed everythign directly after the alphabet! the professor was really awesome about it and i am goign to audit her class

hardy’s – Jim and I got hardy’s the other night and went to mcdavid to eat. we sat in the lounge with ryan and then moved into lisa and claire’s room. i had a blast there. i just love the mcdavid people. they are all so nice and so unique.

italy – landon is going to italy for the summer and i might hitch hike my way there too. my parents are going to be heavily lobbied by me for a trip to europe for my birthday.

clothes – i totally need to get some new clothes for the summer months and what not. i have a lot of clothing but i see other ppl and their new clothes and i get all jealous LoL i went ot th emall today and di dnot buy anything, though i did find quite a few things i really wanted. i need to get some sterling silver and black cuflinks… i have a set of black coral cuflinks but who knows where they are. cufflinks*?

anorexia? – so i saw someone the other day who was looking really good and then later i saw another person who was looking really good… what made them look good to me? they were thin. so what did I do? i did not eat. how stupid is that? i am so easily brought into this anorexia mindset, i am weak in that respect. i am eating now, i had a sandwich and some chicken nuggets today.

geoff- I really like geoff and want us to be able to be friends again. i miss hime a lot and would really like him to put things behind him like he offered in the voicemessage he left me the other day. monday night he sure did not seem like he had put anything behind him.

marykay – so there is a mary kay party here thursday night. i have never been to one haha. we shall see how it is. afterwards i think we are having a spring break off party… or Desperate Stepford Wives… still working out the kinks hehe

crystal meth – this stuff is so dangerous! 200-400 times more likely to contract HIV if you use crystal meth, please people, don’t even try it. it is more addictive than heroin. i read a lot about it and it is just plane scary.

headaches – i have been having headaches a lot recently. i need to go to a doctor and have them help me with this. they are so painful and just plane annoying.

love – i am in love

poetry – i have been in such a poetic mood recently. i have been writing and reading a lot of poetry. while i was at home i searched for my old norton anthology of poetry. i LIVED that book from junior high through high school… gotta find it!

antony – i am totally all about antony and the jonsons. it rocks my world, especially their first cd.

matt – he is in boston right now, i miss him. he did send me pictures of what he is seeing there, it look squite nice! i have not been to boston since junior high.

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