Euros to Gyros

Class was great today.  My sociology and French classes really made my day, how wonderful is that?  I also had the day off of work, that probably contributed to the stress-free day.

After class, and being four minutes late to my meter, resulting in a $5.00 ticket (bah!), I headed to World Harvest.  This place is kinda like World Market but much smaller, and the people there actually know the products they are selling.

I bought everything I would need to make my own Gyros.  I made my own tzatziki sauce with authentic sheep yoghurt, dill, garlic, vinegar and olive oil.  Some tarragon, mint and basil for good measure.  Anyways, mixed this up, grilled some lamb, sliced up lettuce with my new lettuce knife, some tomatoe and cucumber… the end result was ansolutely fantastic and the low carb (7 carbs!) wrap surprisingly soft and fulfilling.  I washed it down with a diet Red Bull and all was well with the world.

I got in a very short workout today, didn’t do all my readings so I’m going to bed now, at 10:00 pm, so I can get up in the morning, hop on the bus and read before class.  The bus totally didn’t come today on at least the first round, boo to that!  But driving to campus and parking wasn’t that bad, except for the ticket!  I totally didn’t deserve it, I mean, come on!  I paid for the entire day except four minutes that I was late from class to my car.  Boo to that.  I did bump into Geoff in Brady, we shared a pleasant breakfast and good conversation.

Alright, time for sleep.

Oh!  Wait!  The Euro part of my Gyro and Euro title.  Landon called me from London… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  It was sure nice to talk to him.

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