Even More Pictures!

So today was fun. Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Today we had lunch at this wonderful Thai place and then I was off to the concerts, but first I went home to my room to check my email and all that jazz.

Concerts galore, it was fabulous. Toby Lightman was there and awesome as ever.

So these guys might look dorkey but the lead guy playing the bag pipes is HOT!

That picture, and the ones following (mostly) are the guys of Lloyd Dobler Effect. They are awesome and very cute.

So he is from the Real World, no news there. He was sweet but not the brightest. Nice guy though.

So Ms. Richie was a fabulous drag queen I got to hang out with. I am working to get her out to Mizzou to MC one of the drag shows.

So after all of that excitement Emily, Lauren and I met up with Emily’s college friend Kenny and went to this awesome Irish pub. We had calamari (for the third time this week, w00t!) and some great authentic Irish beer. I had an Irish coffee followed up with this amazing Irish mixed drink that had wiskey and orange and… well about like five different other mixes in it… fabulous!

Kenny rocks my socks by the way.

Off to Brit’s, again. Tonight I started out with Scotch on the rocks followed up with a Gin and Tonic and two Madori Sours (yummy). Oh but get this right?

Emily is flirting with this hottie bo bottie right? Probably 6’3″, blonde, all muscle, in mid-twenties, etc. I bump myself into the conversation and he starts to stare at me right? Emily takes the cue and heads back to the fireplace and I spark up conversation with him, Kyle is his name. He is from Ohio and used to play baseball, you can totally tell by his body haha.

He is staying at the Holiday Inn, perhaps I will call him tomorrow. We shall see.

Another hottie, younger and smaller, gave me a red rose today, just randomly. It was cute and wonderful haha.

Oh and get this, about 20 compliments on my outfit today! w00t!

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