Natalie Merchant – Ophelia – Thank You

Ok, so time has passed and I am feeling more ok with whatever.

I just don’t like people worrying about me, it makes me feel uncomfortable for countless reasons.

I know you cared and that is why you showed up and I should have been thankful to have friends like you. I just had a terribly stressful day and feel like shit and felt everything was being blown way out of proportion.

I know people will disagree about whether or not I am worth worrying about. I just don’t think I am worth it.

When a dog is hurt, or any animal really, they go into hiding. That is what I was trying to do. I just needed to hide and get better without worrying people. This is why the entire time I was dating Jim, I never told him about all the trips to the ER I had and all the medicine I was on and all of the tests I had while we dated. I did not want him to worry about me and I did not want people to think I was weak or stupid or anything else.

So, I love you, thank you for being there, sorry I ran off. I just hated that people cared…

BTW, sinusitus and “walking” pneumonia. I have two prescriptions so hopefully I will be better soon.

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